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QuickBooks Shipping Manager is one among the exclusive feature that software offer to its users. As Quickbooks is an amazing accounting software known for its reliability & accuracy. The contribution of the software towards business growth & expansion is praiseworthy. If talk about QuickBooks Shipping manager, a user can avail shipment alerts, branded labels & the preparation of all documents including freight charges, shipment details, instant & accurate billing. The shipping manager of QuickBooks acknowledges you to ship & mail with UPS, USPS & FedEx. You can set-up shipping carrier according to user’s preference in QuickBooks. In case you need further assistance, contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number 844-908-0801. Let’s move further to know how to set-up of QuickBooks for various shipping carriage.

How to Install or set-up Shipping Carriage in QuickBooks Desktop

Set-up Shipping carriage as per your requirements. With QuickBooks shipping manager, you can facilitate a good discount from Fed Ex, UPS & USPS. Know how to set-up the shipping carriage in your system. 

For Fed Ex

  • In QuickBooks navigate to the File>Shipping>Ship FedEx Package. A wizard will help you to direct, if it’s your first time. 
  • Read the “End User License agreement”, Select, I agree to the Terms & Conditions. 
  • Now input your Account Information.
  • Make configuration in your Printer settings. An additional printer available after the Set-up. 
  • Click on Next.
  • Open account while configuration get finished. 
  • Select Finish.


  • Move to File>Shipping>Ship UPS Package
  • Input your account details. Once you have to enter this & then it automatically get saved for future use. 
  • Read “End User license agreement”. Then, select I agree to the terms & conditions. 
  • Configure your Printer settings, additional printer configuration will be available after set-up. 
  • Open account while configuration get finished. 
  • Select Finish.


  • Navigate to file>Shipping> Ship USPS Package.
  • Select Create a new account or Use my existing account, then click on Next.
  • While selecting Use my existing account:-
  1. Read Terms & Conditions & select I agree to “Terms & Conditions”
  2. Input existing account details.
  3. Set your Printer settings. 
  4. Finish set-up.

These are the ways, by following which you can efficiently set-up Shipping Carriage in QuickBooks Desktop. Avail the benefits of quick services regarding mailing & shipment process from QuickBooks Shipping manager. 

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